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Finding a solid bug tracker system can be difficult. There is helpdesk software and defect tracker tools. It's best to compare features such as ticket tracking, users, updates settings etc. The software can vary from very simple to quite extensive with the bug tracking feature list. One you select a platform to track the issues it can help make your company run much smoother. Saving time and money and generally making things more efficient.

There are also many support desk ticket systems. Some include live chat to immediately help clients and customers. Others include ability to parse email directly into the system. This can save users from logging into their account. Also once the issues are created users can login to their account and update the status with new information. The customers can also view previous tickets, respond to them, and archive them for future reference.

You will need to decide if you want your bug tracker to be self hosted or cloud based. Self hosted options will usually allow you to pay a larger up front fee and less of an ongoing cost. This can also give you more options for customization of the system since you will be hosting the code. If you go with a remotely hosted solution it can save you from the hassle of doing your own updates and worry about security issues and backups. This style of help desk will generally have an ongoing monthly fee, and is faster to get up and running.